I am Frank

    20. 11. 2019

    On Wednesday night, Cankarjev dom’s Linhart Hall was bursting at the seams during the premiere of Metod Pevec’s I am Frank. Pevec could not have made a better choice of his leading actor; Janez Škof excelled as Frank and drew not only booming gales of laughter but also pangs of sympathy from the audience. After the screening, moderator Toni Cahunek invited a large number of crew members on stage, including sound designer Julij Zornik, colourist Emil Svetlik, set designer Marco Juratovec, costume designer Katja Hrobat, executive producer Matija Kozamernik, cinematographer Marko Brdar, producer Danijel Hočevar, and members of the cast Emil Cerar, Mojca Partljič, Silva Čušin, Katarina Čas, Valter Dragan and Janez Škof, as well as the director, Metod Pevec.

    Cahunek initially inquired about the topic of socialism and whether Marxism was one of the director’s subjects when studying philosophy. As a former philosophy student himself, the protagonist likewise advocates social values and workers’ rights. Pevec grew up in a proletarian environment not unlike the one portrayed in the film, “a latent proletarian animal” lay dormant in him that stirred up during the turbulent years of revisionism. Challenged by modern-day society’s condemnation of socialism, brilliantly personified by Brane, a misanthropic hyper capitalist, the filmmaker asked a rhetorical question, “Indeed, what kind of society would allow my father, a mere driver, to enjoy a company flat in addition to having a job and then build a house with my mother who was a cleaning woman?” Janez Škof added that, “In communism we had the feeling that nobody can be happy unless we share our happiness with our neighbours”. The closing credits did nothing to diminish Valter Dragan’s identification with his role; Pevec joked, “He is a real-life villain as it is, so it is only natural that he plays one on screen too...”, with Brane angrily adding that, “With a face like mine I have no choice”. 

    Written by Nataša Šušteršič

    Photo Iztok Dimc