Beanie - cancelled
Original title:
Slovenian title:
Kapa - odpovedano
Country, year:
Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Luxembourg, 2021
Directed by:
Slobodan Maksimović
Saša Eržen
Sven Pepeonik
Michal Novinski
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Gaj Črnič (Erik), Kaja Podreberšek (Lučka), Ajda Smrekar (Barbara), Mojca Fatur (Ana), Frano Mašković (Boris), René Štúr (Božiček ropar), Mila Maksimović (Maja), Tilen Kolbe (Filip), Emil Kulović (Janko)

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For children aged 6+ (in Slovenian)

Christmas is the time of year when one's most secret wishes come true. A boy who has nothing and a girl who has everything are full of expectations in Slovenia's first Christmas movie.

Erik is a nine-year-old boy, living in a youth home because of his problematic parents. He never parts from his beanie. When he's feeling particularly low, he pulls it right over his nose. Because the cap was knitted by his mother. Life in the home is not easy for Erik, a quiet and reserved boy who tends to get bullied by a gang of older boys. His only wish is to go home for Christmas. Instead, he gets to spend the holiday with a wealthy family and their seven-year-old daughter Lučka, who wishes for a puppy and a sister. In the middle of the night, Erik and Lučka encounter Santa in the family's living room. They hide in his car and embark on an extraordinary adventure…

"Working with Kaja and Gaj was a one-of-a-kind experience for me. At the beginning of the shoot, I saw them as talented kids and now, when we've wrapped the movie, I consider them great actors and good friends. I enjoyed their sincerity, incredible acting skills and stamina every day. While the schedule was adjusted for child actors, the monthslong filming can prove quite strenuous even for experienced professionals." (Slobodan Maksimović)