Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes
Original title:
Droste no hate de bokura
Slovenian title:
Neskončni dve minuti
Country, year:
Japan, 2021
Directed by:
Junta Yamaguchi
Makoto Ueda
Junta Yamaguchi
Koji Takimoto
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Kazunori Tosa (Kato), Aki Asakura (Megumi), Riko Fujitani (Aya), Gota Ishida (Komiya), Masashi Suwa (Tanabe), Yoshifumi Sakai (Ozawa), Haruki Nakagawa (Narita), Takashi Sumita (Furuya), Munenori Nagano (Kinjo), Chikara Honda (Ishizuka)
Brussels 2021

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An oddball story full of gallows humour, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes toys with the scientific phenomenon of time loop or time travel.

Cafe owner Kato lives right above his cafe. Suddenly he gets a message from himself. He learns that the TV screen in his cafe is two minutes ahead of time. Confused, Kato goes to the TV in the cafe as told by the two minutes into the future version of himself, and begins talking to himself in the past. His friends enjoy this unusual phenomenon and decide to make a profit with it. What's more, Kato's crush Megumi from the barbershop next door and the yakuza with an office in the same building become involved as the "time loop" accelerates the fiasco…

"For me, when I'm asked, "What do you want to shoot?", the answer is, first of all, the devices and structure that are associated with drama and scenery. Furthermore, since I'm in a troupe, I'd like to do long takes with the actors as if they're on stage. I think it's good to utilize these strengths that we have, to produce original works in order to compete in the cinema world. I have been writing film scripts for other people's projects before, but finally, since this is our own project, I chose a method that I couldn't use elsewhere. I genuinely believe we were able to complete this project because it was this troupe. They listened to all my unreasonable requests, so it was easy to experiment. If I had to write this for anybody else, I wouldn't have written such an experimental script." (Makoto Ueda, screenwriter)