Bitch, a Derogatory Term for a Woman
Original title:
Prasica, slabšalni izraz za žensko
Slovenian title:
Prasica, slabšalni izraz za žensko
Country, year:
Slovenia, 2021
Directed by:
Tijana Zinajić
Iza Strehar
Miloš Srdić
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Liza Marijina (Eva), Tosja Flaker Berce (Blaž), Anuša Kodelja (Nina), Jure Henigman (Jakob), Lea Cok, Jernej Kogovšek, Jožica Avbelj, Nika Rozman, Špela Rozin, Sebastijan Horvat, Davor Janjić, Matej Puc, Lovro Zafred, Nina Valič, Ana Urbanc, Vesna Pernarčič

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Slovenian director Tijana Zinajić's debut feature, Bitch is a subversive comedy-drama about a period in your life when you get stuck and at a loss to know how to move on.

Eva is a young painter who smokes, drinks, occasionally takes drugs, parties and finds no creative inspiration. She has a strange love affair with her mentor, her best friend is moving to Berlin, her paycheck is three months overdue and, what's more, so is her period. Realizing she needs to change her lifestyle, she turns to a web browser for help.

"Whenever I want to express that it has been a long time since I have done something, I say that I have not done it since 1991. That was when this film was born. The protagonist of the film is a woman - a maladjusted woman who longs for the very same things as well-adjusted ones, only that she has a different way of dealing with her desires. As a director, I am interested in this maladjustment as well as in what happens when such a woman loses her period at a turning point in her life, shortly before her 27th birthday - in how she deals with the situation in her dysfunctional way." (Tijana Zinajić)