Everything Went Fine
Original title:
Tout s'est bien passé
Slovenian title:
Vse je bilo v redu
Country, year:
France, 2021
Directed by:
Francois Ozon
Emmanuele Bernheim, François Ozon
Hichame Alaouie
Julien Roig
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Sophie Marceau (Emmanuele), Charlotte Rampling (Claude), Hanna Schygulla (Švicarka), André Dussollier (André), Géraldine Pailhas (Pascale), Nathalie Richard (komisarka), Grégory Gadebois (Gérard), Judith Magre (Simone), Éric Caravaca (Serge), Jacques Nolot (Robert), Daniel Mesguich (odvetnik), Alexia Chicot (Noémie)
Cannes 2021

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François Ozon's film focuses on the hardest thing a father can ask from his daughter: to help him die.

When André, 85, has a stroke, Emmanu?le hurries to her father's bedside. Sick and half-paralyzed in his hospital bed, he asks Emmanuele to help him end his life. The stroke and his request bring up memories from Emmanuele's childhood and her times spent with her father. But rather than a nostalgic look back at happier times, the few flashbacks that punctuate the film are all examples of cold parenting, foundational wounds which the now grown-up Emmanuele is clearly still hurting from. But because she still loves him, Emmanuele looks at all the options available. André thus spends his final hours enjoying the last small pleasures and hoping for an end to his suffering.

"What interested me in the story was the relationship between the father and the daughter. This was what really touched me. By telling this story I sensed to what extent it must have been difficult for this woman to go through this ordeal with her father. /.../ I don't think that the film is for or against euthanasia per se. I think it shows a very personal story where each individual has to cope with his or her own questions about life and death. That's what interested me." (François Ozon)