Fruit of Paradise
Original title:
Ovoce stromu rajskych jime
Slovenian title:
Rajski sadeži
Country, year:
Czechoslovakia, Belgium, 1970
Directed by:
Vera Chytilova
Vera Chytilová, Ester Krumbachová
Jaroslav Kucera
Zdenek Liska
English, slovenian
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Jitka Nováková (Eva), Karel Novak (Josef), Jan Schmid (Robert), Julius Albert (starec), Alice Auspergerová (teta), Jan Klusák (Robert), Helena Ruzicková (pavovka), Ludek Sobota (moški z rožami), Josef Somr (Josef), Jaromír Vomácka (stric)
Cannes 1970, Chicago 1970

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This avant-garde, surreal re-imagining of a Biblical story is Vera Chytilova's last film before the authorities - not taking kindly to her subversiveness and rejection of realism - temporarily banned the freethinking and progressive director from filmmaking.

In the Garden of Eden of an East European spa, Eva hands an apple to her husband Joseph, but he prefers ogling the other female guests. This precarious idyll is interrupted by the appearance of a suspicious man in red velvet, Robert. Eva is compelled towards him, while for his part Robert is put on guard by her presence and flirts with every woman in the community. Josef resents her wanderings but is later revealed to be a philanderer himself. Then Eva finds a red stamp of the number 6 in Robert's room. The next scene reveals that a serial killer has been leaving a red 6 stamped on each of the victims. Now Eva becomes prey herself...

"Generally speaking, the film is about the unequal struggle between a man and a woman. And over it all is the question of the ability to accept the truth - whether a person would actually be capable of living with the ideals they advocate, capable of deserving them. It is much easier to fight for truth than to live with it." (Vera Chytilová)