Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn
Original title:
Babardeala cu bucluc sau porno balamuc
Slovenian title:
Nesrečni fuk ali Nori pornič
Country, year:
Romania, , Czech Rep., UK, Croatia, Switzerland, 2021
Directed by:
Radu Jude
Radu Jude
Marius Panduru
Jura Ferina, Pavao Miholjević
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Katia Pascariu (Emilia), Claudia Ieremia (ravnateljica), Olimpia Malai (ga./Mrs. Lucia), Nicodim Ungureanu (Gheorghescu), Alexandru Potocean (Marius Buzdrugovici), Andi Vasluianu (Otopeanu), Oana Maria Zaharia, Gabriel Spahiu, Florin Petrescu, Stefan Steel (Eugen), Alex Bogdan, Kristina Cepraga, Ana Ciontea, Ion Dichiseanu
Berlinale 2021 (Golden Bear), Moscow 2021

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A satire on sex scandals and duplicitous moral standards on a par with the finest examples of Romania's New Wave cinema. Golden Bear for Best Film at Berlinale 2021. Due to sexually explicit content the film is not suitable for minors.

A video goes viral. It shows a man and a woman having sex while wearing masks. The woman is, nevertheless, identified. Too bad she is a teacher and supposed to be a role model. Forced to meet the parents demanding her dismissal, the schoolteacher Emi refuses to surrender. In a (post-socialist but ultimately any), society her case is about to get lost in a social network discourse of squeaky-clean attitudes, pseudo-political knowing-it-all and sanctimonious chauvinism. The debate turns into a tribunal that raises a series of issues affecting Romania's post-communist society.

"What is obscene? What is immoral? We are used to acts which are much obscener, in a way, than these small [sexual] acts. If society is so full of obscenity, then let's face it: that video is not obscene anymore. This was my idea, to show that the one so-called obscenity in the porn video is nothing compared with what is around us. But we don't pay attention to it. And cinema can help us to see things better." (Radu Jude)