La Pointe-Courte
Original title:
La Pointe-Courte
Slovenian title:
Vas na obali
Country, year:
France, 1955
Directed by:
Agnes Varda
Agnes Varda
Louis Soulanes, Paul Soulignac, Louis Stein
English, slovenian
Voting code:
Philippe Noiret (he), Silvia Montfort (she), La Pointe Courte residents
Cannes 1955, Brussels 1955, Paris 1955

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First-time director Agn?s Varda made her debut film in spite of knowing next to nothing about the medium. Varda's radical experiment that fuses documentary and fiction markedly influenced French New Wave and other filmmakers - from Chabrol, Truffaut and Godard to Bergman.
A young unhappy couple decide to spend a few days in a small fishing town to reconsider their relationship. Local fishermen evade the coastal patrols, an unmarried mother has to cope with the sudden death of her child, and a young man has to deal with the stern father of the girl he wishes to marry. Varda knew the area well - she lived there in her adolescence - and this autobiographical dimension places it within the New-Wave ethos. But even beyond this personal involvement, La Pointe Courte anticipates the New Wave in its dialectical meshing of documentary and fiction, of neorealist aesthetics and high culture.

"I had a very precise idea when I did La Pointe Courte and that was to propose two themes that weren't necessarily contradictory but which, placed side by side, were problems which were mutually exclusive. They were: a couple coming to grips with their relationship and, on the other hand, a village trying to resolve certain problems through a collective process. … What I hoped to show was the paralysis of the couple who can't seem to shake free of their intellectual and emotional problems, and hence can't manage to think about their affinity to any group. … I presented a couple in crisis and not only between themselves, but in terms of their inability to connect with others." (Agnes Varda)