Lotte and the Lost Dragons
Original title:
Lotte ja kadunud lohed
Slovenian title:
Loti in izgubljeni zmaji
Country, year:
Latvia, Estonija, 2019
Directed by:
Heiki Ernits, Janno Poldma
Janno P?ldma, Heiki Ernits, Andrus Kivirähk
Sven Grünberg
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Animacija: Tarmo Vaarmets, Marje Ale, Ülle Metsur, Maiken Silla, Egert Kesa, Taiga Z?le, Aleksandrs Šehovcevs, Jolanta Bigele
Berlin Generation 2019, Stockholm Junior 2019, Leeds Young Film Festival 2019, Pula 2019, Giffoni 2019, Munich 2019

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for children aged 4+ (dubbed into Slovenian)
The lovable puppy girl Lotte embarks on an adventure full of twists and turns, amid vibrantly animated natural scenery.
In this third film in the series of Lotte films that children know and love, the spirited girl dog Lotte gets a little sister named Roosi. Karl the raccoon and Viktor the fish are scientists who come to Gadgetville. They are taking part in a big folk song collecting competition. Whoever succeeds in recording the folk song of the world's oldest animal species, the mythical fire-breathing dragon, wins the competition's grand prize. Lotte and Roosi decide to help the scientists. Exciting and unexpected adventures await the sisters.

"Throughout the years we developed some inviolable dogmas, often based on our offence at films using violence to solve a conflict. Rule 1: No violence. Rule 2: Everything is possible. Rule 3: Pay attention to the smallest (like the tiny creatures and insects often crawling around in the margin of our images.) Rule 4: Be as curious as possible. There are no shops in Gadgetville (you have to create the things you need), all food is vegetarian and there are no superheroes, only vulnerable creatures, like in a Chaplin movie. Because there are no 'bad guys', there is no conflict, only problems to be solved. Like a road movie, in which the road is more important than the destination. And of course the general rule is to use as much fantasy and creativity to make the result as playful as possible." (Janno P?ldma)