The Witch Hunters
Original title:
Slovenian title:
Proč s čarovnico
Country, year:
Serbia, Macedonia, 2018
Directed by:
Rasko Miljković
Marko Manojlović, Miloš Krečković
Miksa Andjelić
Nevena Glušica
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Mihajlo Milavić (Jovan), Silma Mahmuti (Milica), Jelena Đokić (Isidora), Bojan Žirović (Filip), Milutin Milošević (Mirko), Dubravka Kovjanić (Tanja)
TIFF Kids Toronto 2018 (Young People's Jury Award for Best Feature), Sundance 2019, Cinemagic Dublin 2018, Zlin 2018 (City of Zlin Award and Best Children Performance in a Feature Film for Children), Kids Film Festival Warsaw 2018 (ECFA Award for Bes

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for children aged 8+ (in Serbian with Slovenian and English subtitles)

The witch hunt offers young protagonists a reality beyond anything they could have imagined. A suspense-ridden adventure film about children's emancipation, The Witch Hunters has been bagging awards at kids film festivals across the world.
The story revolves around Jovan, a 10-year-old boy with partial cerebral palsy, and Milica, a gutsy girl who is the new student in Jovan's school. Milica's parents are on the verge of a divorce and she is convinced that her prospective stepmother is a witch who has cast a spell on her father. As Jovan and Milica develop a bond of friendship, they become witch hunters, hoping that by making her disappear the spell that has been cast on her father will be broken.

"The film treats some very difficult and serious topics about which an average viewer might ask whether they even have a place in a family movie. Children are born with capacities and potentials that are hindered and limited by adults acting in good faith. We conceal things that are, whether we like it or not, part of our everyday life, that are completely normal, but in our closed society sometimes declared taboo for the most erroneous reasons. /.../ I consider it most healthy and reasonable to communicate these problems to children through a medium that is very accessible and entertaining, and therefore cinema provides an excellent platform for communication." (Raško Miljković)