Out Stealing Horses
Original title:
Ut og stjaele hester
Slovenian title:
Konje krast
Country, year:
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, 2019
Directed by:
Hans Petter Moland
Hans Petter Moland, Per Petterson
Thomas Hardmeier, Rasmus Videbeak
Kaspar Kaae
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Stellan Skarsgard (Trond), Tobias Santelmann (Trondov oce), Jon Ranes (15-letni Trond), Bjřrn Floberg (Lars), Danica Curcic (Jonova mati), Sjur Vatne Brean (17-letni Jon), Gard B. Eidsvold (Franz), Pĺl Sverre Hagen (Jonov oce), Anders Baasmo Christiansen (Olav), Tone Beate Mostraum (Trondova mati)
Berlinale 2019 (Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution)

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A drama about love, loss and disappointment, lifelong traumas and feelings of guilt, Hans Petter Moland's inquiry into Norway's Nazi past is based on a bestselling novel by Per Petterson.
November, 1999. Following the death of his wife, 67-year-old Trond Sander has retired from Oslo to a small village in the east of Norway. The millennium is coming to an end, and so too it would appear is Trond's life. One winter night he suddenly recognises an old acquaintance from his youth in his neighbour, Lars. The encounter brings back memories of 1948 when Trond spent an entire summer in a simple wooden hut by the river with his much-admired father. Long afternoons in the forest, rides on wild horses and hard work felling wood begin to blur into a series of images of carefree happiness but also fateful experiences.

"For the people who have read Per Petterson's original novel, it is something that has made them extremely touched because it is a very unique and special novel. I think it resonates as being extremely true to some aspects of what it is like to be a human. It has an atmosphere and tone that really grabs you as a reader. It's not a clever plot that pulls you in, it's the writing that wonderfully wanders through the mind of a man who remembers, by accident, something from the past. The book is very tactile in its descriptions of life, of specific aspects of nature, which I used as a roadmap in planning the movie." (Hans Petter Moland)