Who You Think I Am
Original title:
Celle que vous croyez
Slovenian title:
Moj najboljši profil
Country, year:
France, Belgium, 2019
Directed by:
Safy Nebbou
Safy Nebbou, Julie Peyr Camille Laurens
Gilles Porte
Ibrahim Maalouf
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Juliette Binoche (Claire Millaud), Nicole Garcia (dr. Catherine Bormans), François Civil (Alex Chelly), Marie-Ange Casta (Katia), Guillaume Gouix (Ludovic Dalaux), Charles Berling (Gilles), Jules Houplain (Max), Jules Gauzelin (Tristan), Francis Leplay (Serge), Pierre Giraud (Paul), Sonia Mohammed Cherif (študentka), François Genty (pacient/patient), Claude Perron (Solange)
Berlinale 2019, Shanghai 2019

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Juliette Binoche plays a middle-aged woman caught in a make-believe world of social networking in which lies, dreams and reality are blurred.
Attractive professor Claire, 50, is a single mother of two children. Her relationship with her younger lover, a photographer, is difficult. To get back at him, she makes friends on Facebook with his assistant Alex, 29. Using a fake profile, she masquerades as 24-year-old Clara, and Alex takes the bait. As their flirty chat intensifies, Alex decides he wants to meet this woman of his dreams. Claire always manages to invent new excuses to keep him at bay in real life without alienating him online. Her children and her job fall by the wayside as she increasingly succumbs to the allure of her parallel world - until realities begin to blur and a disaster occurs.

"Claire is a sort of 'anti-heroine', who is both complex and paradoxical. Her tragic dimension, therefore, is tinged with destructive guilt. However, she overcomes her humiliation and sorrow by expressing her life force through another, imaginary woman. Let's say that she is a distressed person, partly the victim of our society as it is today. In any case, the feeling of being past one's 'prime' or rejected, in other words the awareness that time has gone by and that it can push us to the sidelines, isn't limited to women, it is universal…" (Safy Nebbou)