Divine Love
Original title:
Divino amor
Slovenian title:
Božanska ljubezen
Country, year:
Brasil, Uruguay, Denmark, Norway, 2019
Directed by:
Gabriel Mascaro
Gabriel Mascaro, Rachel Daisy Ellis, Lucas Paraizo, Esdras Bezerra
Diego Garcia
Juan Campodónico, Santiago Marrero, Otávio Santos
English, slovenian
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Dira Paes (Joana), Julio Machado (Danilo), Emilio de Melo (pastor), Teca Pereira (Mestra), Calum Rio (pripovedovalec), Mariana Nunes (ločenka), Thalita Carauta (stranka)
Sundance 2019, Berlinale 2019, Miami 2019

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Divine Love is a drama with a science-fiction flavour: a futuristic gospel about jealousy, the fear of God and the power of unwavering faith that can move mountains.
Civil servant Joana mainly deals with divorce cases. As a member of a branch of evangelical Christians known as the Divino Amor group, she uses her position to offer a kind of physical therapy to couples who want to separate: Exploring sexuality with the aim of reconciling quarrelling couples. Although Joana and Danilo regularly consummate their marriage, neither Joana's constant prayers nor any other methods of assistance seem to be able to fulfil their desire for a child. But then a miracle finally happens.

"I tried to make a movie to think about a near future and to speculate about a political context where there is a very specific type of biopolitical control of the body. Instead of having a character who wants to fight against religion - like in The Handmaid's Tale - I wanted a character that wants even more religion in her life. She wants things to be even more conservative and wants the church to have more power over the state. This is a film about the body and the state. I wanted to think about a new regime of pleasure and violence in the body, which in its very own way connects eroticism to power." (Gabriel Mascaro)