Original title:
Le daim
Slovenian title:
Semiš jakna
Country, year:
France, 2019
Directed by:
Quentin Dupieux
Quentin Dupieux
Quentin Dupieux
Janko Nilović
English, slovenian
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Jean Dujardin (Georges), Ad?le Haenel (Denise), Albert Delpy (g./Mr. B), Pierre Gommé (Nicolas), Laurent Nicolas (Norbert), Coralie Russier (Vic), Stéphane Jobert (Adrien), Franck Lebreton (David), Marie Bunel (Kylie), Panayotis Pascot (Johnny), Youssef Hajdi (Olaf), Simon Thomas (Xavier), Tom Hudson (Yann), Maryne Cayon (Zita)
Cannes 2019 - Directors' Fortnight

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An absurd dark comedy featuring Juan Dujardin in the role of a man whose deerskin jacket becomes instrumental in his bizarre plan to hold the whole world in check.
Georges is a 44-year-old deadbeat who has been dumped by his wife. Perhaps as a way to deal with his misfortune, he drives to a village in the Alps to buy an 8000-euro jacket made of the titular material from an elderly slob. As a bonus, the old man gives Georges an old camcorder, which becomes the prop that informs the lie that he's actually in town to make a film. This impresses the local bartender, Denise, an amateur editor who becomes involved in Georges' improvised plan to make a mockumentary. The subject is a ruthless man much like him, who will do anything to become the sole person in the world allowed to wear the only jacket left in existence, so his prized possession can finally truly shine.

"I've always loved playing with genres. /.../ When I make a film, I can't stand everything staying in the same sandbox; I need to mix the toys up. /.../ Here, I didn't make a film about a killer, I wasn't interested in spending ninety minutes with a serial killer, that would deeply bore me. So, I sew. I love it when a screening room breathes in, and when it laughs. When one minute there is a moment of tension and the audience is focused, and the next minute, people are laughing again." (Quentin Dupieux)