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Leave No Trace



Original title:
Leave No Trace
Slovenian title:
Ne puščaj sledov

Country, year:
USA, 2018

Directed by:
Debra Granik

Debra Granik, Anne Rosellini, Peter Rock
Michael McDonough
Dickon Hinchliffe
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Thomasin McKenzie (Tom), Ben Foster (Will), Jeff Kober (g. Walters), Isaiah Stone (Isaiah), Dale Dickey (Dale), Dana Millican (Jean), Peter Simpson (policist), Michael Draper (tekac), Derek John Drescher (Larry), Alyssa McKay (Valerie), Ryan Joiner (Tiffany), Michael J. Prosser (James), Spencer S. Hanley (župnik)
Sundance 2018, Cannes 2018 – Directors' Fortnight, Sydney 2018, Munich 2018, Karlovy Vary 2018

Fri, 9.11.2018 17:00 Kino Šiška Cinema
Mon, 12.11.2018 21:15 Kino Komuna
Thu, 15.11.2018 16:45 Linhart Hall

Deli povezavo
Eight years after her career-launching Winter's Bone director Debra Granik is back with a screen adaptation of a novel by Peter Rock about a father and his daughter who have withdrawn from the world to live in seclusion.

Will and his teen daughter Tom reside in the deep forests of Portland, Oregon, happy to live off the land and sleep in a tent far from civilization. But their rugged idyll is upset by the arrival of local authorities, who arrest them for trespassing and force them to meet with social service agencies and integrate into society. At first, the restless Will tries to make the best of this imposed domesticity, but soon he and the adoring Tom head back into nature.

"A tale of a father and daughter living off the grid in the forests of the Pacific north-west of the US proves the perfect material for Winter's Bone director Debra Granik. Renowned for her empathetic portrayal of marginalised outsiders, Granik here conjures a low-key drama about cultural and generational divides that is alternately gripping and melancholic, but always shot through with the unmistakable ring of truth. The result is work of overwhelming, understated power that quite simply took my breath away." (Mark Kermode, The Guardian)
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