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Secret Ingredient



Original title:
Slovenian title:

Country, year:
Macedonia, 2017

Directed by:
Gjorce Stavreski

Gjorče Stavreski
Dejan Dimeski
Branislav Nikolov, Pece Trajkovski, Goce Jovanoski
English, slovenian
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Blagoj Veselinov (Vele), Anastas Tanovski (Sazdo), Aksel Mehmet (Džem), Aleksandar Mikić (Mrsni), Miroslav Petković (Koki), Dime Ilijev (Tode), Simona Dimkovska (Jana)
Thessaloniki 2017 (Audience Award), Tallinn 2017, Sofia 2018 (Special Mention), Santa Barbara 2018 (Best International Feature)

Sat, 10.11.2018 17:00 Kino Komuna
Thu, 15.11.2018 21:00 Kosovel Hall
Sat, 17.11.2018 18:45 Kinodvor Cinema

Deli povezavo
An amusingly provocative crime comedy containing a hefty dose of Balkan humour, Secret Ingredient addresses the issues of family ties, Macedonia's crumbling health system and the magical powers of marijuana.

Vele is an underpaid train mechanic who occasionally engages in shady dealings. He can't afford to buy expensive medications for his father, a cancer patient. Desperate, he steals marijuana from some criminals, makes a cake with it and gives it to him, hoping it will reduce the pain. His father's health miraculously improves, but Vele is suddenly confronted by their neighbours, who demand the recipe for the "remedial" cake, and by the criminals, who want their drugs back. The greatest challenge, however, is to persuade his father that his life is worth living for.

"I /…/ was extremely careful to achieve balance on the issue. I portrayed both extremes, but it was important for me to position myself in the middle, and on the side of medicine and science. /.../ Still, the film was positive PR for marijuana. Through the humour, this topic reached older audiences who have realised that it is not a taboo. /…/ The father-son relation in the movie is very similar to that between my mother and I. /…/ It is a specific Balkan or maybe Mediterranean love. The parent wants to see you grow up and be independent on the one hand, but on the other, doesn't let go of you." (Gjorce Stavreski)
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