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Person to Person



Original title:
Person to Person
Slovenian title:
Iz oči v oči

Country, year:
USA, 2017

Directed by:
Dustin Guy Defa

Dustin Guy Defa
Ashley Connor
Jessica Berndt
Voting code:
Abbi Jacobson (Claire), Michael Cera (porocevalec), Tavi Gevinson (Wendy), Bene Coopersmith (Bene), George Sample III (Ray), Isiah Whitlock Jr. (Buster)
Sundance 2017, Locarno 2017, London 2017, Viennale 2017, Mar del Plata 2017

Wed, 14.11.2018 14:45 Linhart Hall
Fri, 16.11.2018 19:30 Kinodvor Cinema
Sun, 18.11.2018 21:15 Kino Šiška Cinema

Deli povezavo
Defa interweaves multiple eccentric stories taking place over one day in New York: a young journalist and her bizarre boss are investigating a suspicious death case that comes to hinge upon the victim's watch, a rebellious teenager has trouble balancing her ideals with her ambitions, a young man has to make it up with his ex against all odds and a music lover centres his life around attaining a rare vintage LP.

Over the course of one fine autumn day in New York, various characters go about their business. Newspaper reporter Phil breaks in a nervous and awkward new investigative trainee Claire. Fortyish Benny is tipped to the availability of a valuable recording, but the transaction turns out to be a scam. Ray posted some nude pics of his girlfriend online, and now her musclebound brother is looking to teach him a lesson. Mopey teen Wendy is theoretically bi, but so far only lesbian in practice. The movie's grainy, natural-lighting style is an homage to the early indie era.

"I try not to be too melancholic a person, but I am melancholic. I go back and forth between sad and happy. Sometimes I want just to make a funny movie or just to make a sad movie-I can't seem to manage to do that. I just write both those things. I'm embracing that more and more. /…/ I go through a lot with my actors to let the character do what they want, to create the character on their own. At some point, I feel like they know more than I do, once we're actually rolling." (Dustin Guy Defa)
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