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The Captain



Original title:
Der Hauptmann
Slovenian title:

Country, year:
Germany, Poland, Portugal, France, 2017

Directed by:
Robert Schwentke

Voting code:
Max Hubacher (Willi Herold), Milan Peschel (Freytag), Frederick Lau (Kipinski), Bernd Hölscher (Schütte), Waldemar Kobus (Hansen), Alexander Fehling (Junker), Samuel Finzi (Roger), Wolfram Koch (Schneider)
San Sebastian 2017 (Best Cinematography), Bari 2018 (Best Film), Vilna/Vilnus 2018 (FIPRESCI Prize), Toronto 2017, Rotterdam 2018, Hong Kong 2018

Mon, 12.11.2018 17:30 Linhart Hall
Wed, 14.11.2018 16:45 Kino Šiška Cinema
Thu, 15.11.2018 21:30 Kinodvor Cinema

Deli povezavo
Based on a true story about a deserter during the last days of the Third Reich, The Captain shows how the blight of Nazism started to eat away at the very essence of the German people's humanity. A story of an overnight conversion from victim to perpetrator.

In the chaotic last two weeks of World War II, in April 1945, Willi Herold, a 19-year-old private, ragged and starving, barely manages to escape being gunned down by his fellow countrymen. Trying to steal some eggs at a nearby farm, he ends up killing the farmer, which marks the beginning of his transformation from the condemned to the judge, a desperate man who in dire straits has no qualms of participating in the evil himself. He soon finds an abandoned car with a Captain's uniform, a coat and shoes. Gathering a group of deserters, he proceeds to kill and plunder his way through a beaten Nazi Germany. The role of a man deciding the lives and deaths of others on a whim immediately starts feeling natural.

"I wanted to make a film about the structural dynamics of national socialism. /…/ I found it interesting to make a film about that period of time with a character who was not motivated by ideology, or even by ambition, but simply by the desire to survive, a desire that of course evolves as he gains power. I wanted to make a film about people who are rushed into a situation and how they manage." (Robert Schwentke)
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