Pavle Čemerikić

    21. 11. 2019

    While on 15 November the Q&A with the director of Stitches, Miroslav Terzič, was cancelled, actor Pavle Čemerikić joined the moderator Toni Cahunek after the 19 November screening in Cankarjev dom’s Kosovel Hall. The actor was referred to the director for his stellar contribution to films The Load (Teret) – which screened and was well received at last year’s Liffe – and No One’s Child (Ničije dete). His latest film continues this succession of films that examine serious issues. On account of its difficult theme the film met with rather tepid reception or was overlooked altogether, although the issue did receive more public attention, perhaps also due to the film, but the problem of vanished children was nevertheless soon afterwards swept under the carpet. Čemerikić wanted to meet the lost child whom he portrayed in Stitches but was somewhat dismayed when he didn’t behave like a grateful ‘lost son’. After the things he’s been through it is no surprise that he became deeply pessimistic. The crew shared his sentiments in not expecting an effective resolution to the issues problematised in Stitches.

    Written by Nataša Šušteršič

    Photo Iztok Dimc