Art Cinema Network of Slovenia Award

    Dr. Anja Bajda
    Head of Cerknica Culture House, Notranjska Regional Park

    While a student of dramaturgy at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Theatre in Ljubljana, Bajda participated in several student films as director’s assistant, and later wrote scripts for a series of short documentary films produced by RTV Slovenia whilst applying herself to the theory of film narrative.
    She was part of the organizational team of the Isola Cinema Festival throughout the festival’s initial years and in 2016. A film education programme for children, Filmarija, was conducted in 2017 and 2018 together with the Kosovel Cultural Centre Sežana and the Postojna Culture House. 

    Tim Božič
    Cultural Programme Coordinator and Organizer, Film Theatre Idrija

    Holds an MA in in publishing studies. He is employed at the Idrija Municipal Library and Reading Room. He is responsible for selecting both quality European and auteur films as well as titles aimed at broader audiences. A special place in the programme is devoted to local filmmakers and searching for alternative content, which has been made possible by cinema digitization. At the cinema, he programmes three film subscriptions aimed at art film enthusiasts, genre lovers and young audiences. He is an active member of the Art Cinema Network of Slovenia.

    Staš Stermecki
    Metropol City Cinema, Celje

    Celje-based cinephile who attended his first regional film festivals more than a decade ago and has been regularly revisiting them throughout the years. Probably most enthusiastic and loyal visitor to the Sarajevo Film Festival, as well as a moderate critic of both classic films and new releases. Very knowledgeable about new developments in cinema and the current film scene, he was appointed the Metropol City Cinema Program Associate several years ago. Always ready for innovations and convinced that good movies deserve being rewatched.