Kingfisher Award

    Alexander Horwath is a curator and writer. He is the former director of the Austrian Film Museum (2002–17) and of the Viennale – Vienna International Film Festival (1992–97). In 2007, he curated the documentary 12-film programme in Kassel. Starting out as a critic in 1985, his articles on film- and art-related topics have been published in several languages and he has lectured on film at universities and cultural institutions in Austria and internationally. His publications as author and editor include books on topics such as Film Curatorship, New Hollywood Cinema, Avant-garde Film and on filmmakers such as Michael Haneke, Josef von Sternberg, and Ruth Beckermann. He is a board member of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, and an elected member of the Akademie der Künste, Berlin.
    Labina Mitevska started her acting career as a teenager in 1993, playing Zamira in Milcho Mancevski’s Golden Lion-winning Before the Rain. In 1996 she entered into a successful collaboration with Michael Winterbottom. Following Welcome to Sarajevo they worked together on I Want You. For these accomplishments she was chosen as one of the Shooting Stars at the Berlinale in 1998. Her acting carrier continued around Europe, creating over 20 roles in films shot in Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria, and Slovenia. In 2001, Labina, her sister Teona and their brother Vuk established the production company Sisters and Brother Mitevski. Teona’s new film, God Exists, Her Name is Petrunija, had its premiere in Competition at the Berlin Film Festival. 
    Sonja Prosenc; writer, director, producer. After graduating from university, she attended Sarajevo and Berlinale Talents, co-founded the Monoo production house and was selected for the TorinoFilmLab. Her award-winning and critically acclaimed first feature The Tree was the Slovenian Oscar candidate 2016. She has been selected by Cineuropa among eight most promising European female film directors. Her approach to film language has so far been appreciated by cinephiles and film critics alike. Her second feature film History of Love premiered at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2018 - Main Competition, where Grand Jury awarded it with Best Film Special Mention. History of Love is her second film chosen to represent Slovenia as an Oscar candidate.