32nd Liffe Awards

    Kingfisher Award
    An international jury award presented by the general sponsor, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., to the best film of the Perspectives section. 
    International jury members: Zsófia Ruttkay, Leyla Yilmaz, Sebastian Cavazza

    Hit the Road
    By: Panah Panahi

    Jury statement
    The jury highly appreciates the winning movie because it took the responsibility to address the actual problems we are experiencing as humanity in a very sensitive and most powerful way. Beyond all the cliches the movie portrays a family giving a farewell to their beloved son, right before he embarks on his unknown future, and becomes just a number in migration statistics. One of the biggest human tragedies unfolds in front of us with a subtle sense of humour. 

    Kingfisher – Special Mention
    The Cloud in Her Room
    By: Zheng Lu Xinyuan

    Best Short Film Award
    International jury members: Jožko Rutar, Marina D. Richter, Asja Krsmanović
    By: Špela Čadež
    Jury statement
    A fascinating study of an abusive relationship within a family of two, done with the right dose of spice and with technical brilliance.

    Best Short Film Award – Special Mention
    Das Spiel / The Game
    By: Roman Hodel
    Jury statement
    An extraordinary insight into the background of a football referee. Direct, without a foul, accompanied by an ingenious choreography of fans at the stadium.

    FIPRESCI Prize
    An award presented by the jury of the International Federation of Film Critics 
    International jury members: Andrea Bosco, Ivana Kronja, Urban Tarman 

    Piccolo corpo / Small Body
    By: Laura Samani

    Jury statement
    A noble young heroine takes a troubled path to overcome grief and go beyond the dogmas and customs of her time, risking her life to save the soul of her child. An authentic, ancestral, yet modern cinematic tale of universal appeal depicted with uncompromising aesthetics and a deep sense of wonder.

    Dragon Audience Award
    The festival audiences vote for their favourite film which receives the Dragon Award. 
    Out of 22 films, the highest score, 4'61, was given to the film 
    Da chven vitsek'vet / And Then We Danced? 
    By: Levan Akin

    Slovenian Art Cinema Association Award
    Jury members: Neža Mežan, Matej Patljak, Samo Seničar
    Ich bin dein Mensch / I'm Your Man
    By: Maria Schrader

    Jury statement
    The charming, insightful, and well-thought-out science fiction romantic comedy. This witty film explores and eventually realises the notion of a so-called “perfect life” does not exist and that to attain self-realisation one must experience the entire palette of emotions that make our lives truly precious and unique.
    The story about what love really is and what actually makes a human might simply be a charming cross-genre film at first glance, but deep down (not unlike the android protagonist) it hides a soul that craves multi-faceted answers and curiously asks important life questions.

    Kinotrip Young Jury Award
    Jury members: Zoja Eva Bartolj, Eneja Golob Džananović, Brina Gramc
    L’evenement / Happening
    By: Audrey Diwan

    Jury statement
    Of the five contenders for the Kinotrip Young Jury Award, the film that made the deepest emotional impact on us was one whose depiction of anguish draws attention to the violation of basic human rights, including the right to make choices about one’s own body. Fear generates taboos which eat into interpersonal relationships and create a society that does not leave any room for compassion, a society in which an individual remains alone. That's why we were all the more moved by the protagonist's struggle for life and freedom. Her struggle transcends space and time and connects painfully with our own age.