33rd Liffe Awards

    Kingfisher Award

    An international jury award presented by the general sponsor, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., to the best film of the Perspectives section. 
    International jury: Edel Brosnan, Joana Domingues, Matevž Luzar
    Safe Place (Sigurno mjesto)
    By: Juraj Lerotić

    Kingfisher – Special Mention
    Full Time (A plein temps)
    By: Eric Gravel

    Jury statement
    The jury was really impressed with the quality that made our final shortlist for the Kingfisher Award. They were very different, but all explored difficult, challenging issues that all too often remain in the shadows because they make us uncomfortable as a society, and make funders nervous. And all created engaging and very watchable, audience-friendly films, with amazing performances, strong dialogue, cinematography and directing. These are debut or second films that will find a home beyond the festival circuit. But there can only be one winner. 
    We give an Honourable Mention to Full Time, which married a domestic crisis with a thriller format to draw us into the main character's everyday struggle just to get to and from work. 
    The winner of the Kingfisher Award is Safe Place, the first feature film from Croatian writer/director Juraj Lerotić, which is a beautiful, truthful and compassionate film about suicide, a really important theme that should be discussed more. The film has precise directing, extraordinary acting and photography. A film that will stay in our minds and promises interesting works from the director in the future.   

    Best Short Film Award

    International jury members: Dušan Kasalica, Liza Marijina, Maša Seničić
    By: Sander Joon
    Jury statement
    Sierra is a multilayered story built with an elaborate craftsmanship on many levels: narrative, aesthetic, emotional and referential. A truly humorous and intelligent, yet very touching movie. 

    Best Short Film Award – Special Mention
    Heat Waves
    By: Kent Chan 
    Jury statement
    Heat Waves is a film depiction of the contemporary world: composed from diverse found footage, it exposes the nature of our image-driven reality via a sharp-witted dialogue of two screens; of countless screens. 

    FIPRESCI Prize

    An award presented by the jury of the International Federation of Film Critics 

    International jury members: René Marx, Gena Teodosievska, Ivana Novak
    The Braves (Entre les vagues)
    By: Anais Volpé

    Jury statement
    The International Critics’ Prize (Fipresci Prize) goes to The Braves, originally titled Entre les vagues, directed by Anais Volpé, for the vivid and impressive portrayal of an exceptional friendship between two young women. Together, they are unstoppable and able to fulfil their wildest dreams. Using a tempestuous camera, Anais Volpé refreshes familiar film constructs and shows us the heart of Paris, through the beating hearts of Alma and Margot, performed by two great actresses: Souheila Yacoub and Déborah Lukumuena. The film grabs you from its very first moments, when those two characters appear, and it sweeps you along on the waves of their warm, impeccable friendship – the kind that can save our souls, the kind that everybody hopes to experience once in a lifetime.

    The Dragon Audience Award

    The festival audience voted for their favourite film, which receives the Dragon Award. Out of 21 films, the highest score, 4.76, was given to the film: 
    May Labour Day (Praznik rada)
    By: Pjer Žalica

    Slovenian Art Cinema Association Award

    Jury members: Armand Meterc, Katja Stušek, Vid Šteh

    By: Lukas Dhont

    Jury statement
    Set in the idyllic Belgian countryside, Close is an emotional drama about a tragically interrupted friendship between two teenagers forced to learn some harsh life lessons much too soon. With its beautiful photography, subdued pace and genuinely naturalistic performance from the two young non-professional actors, the film subtly encourages the viewers, especially teenage audiences, to reflect on the anguish experienced by young people during a period that should have been the happiest time of their lives.

    Kinotrip Young Jury Award

    Jury members: Zoja Klemenčič, Ajda Simčič, Zarja Žagar

    By: Lukas Dhont

    Jury statement
    Of the five films nominated for the Kinotrip Youth Jury Award, the film that touched us the most was an intimate story about coming of age, discovering oneself and grieving. The film’s intense atmosphere and physicality enthralled us to such a degree that we shared the pain with the protagonists. The intimacy, friendship, emotionality and vulnerability of boys are at the forefront – characteristics that still have no place in society. The film is fresh and honest, and its relevance therefore all the more current. The 2022 Kinotrip Youth Jury Award goes to Close by director Lukas Dhont, which reminds us of the importance of closeness and tenderness.