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Wednesday, 8 November, 17.00–19.00, Hall E3
Pixilation Workshop
For children aged 8+
A look at pixilation, a stop motion technique in which live actors are used as a frame-by-frame subject in an animated film. The participants will be able to walk through walls, fly in the air, and turn a chair into a vehicle, while drawing inspiration from old filmmaking tricks used by directors/animators before the digital era.Conducted by Društvo Slon mentors, Jelena Dragutinović and Gašper Markun.
The event will take place in Slovenian without translation.

Wednesday, 15 November 2023, 17.00–19.00, Hall E3
Fictional Film Workshop
For children aged 8+
Participants will shoot a short fictional sequence. First, they will read the script and think about how to make a movie. They will ask questions such as: Where is the scene set? Will they use a tripod or a hand-held camera? Once these questions have been answered, the participants will form film production crews. Directing, camera, sound, actors... and shoot a scene. In the end, the sequence will be edited.
Mentor: Sandi Skok
The event will take place in Slovenian without translation.

Wednesday, 15 November, at 14.00
English-Slovenian Dictionary of Audiovisual Terminology
Public discussion before publication
Topics under discussion: Basic language question: English or Slovenian? Compiling a glossary of English headwords. Dictionary and terminological processing of headwords. Definitions and translation equivalents. Web interface and search types.
With the participation of: Primož Ponikvar, Iztok Kosem (dictionary editor), Martin Srebotnjak (author and specialist editor for acting, directing and scriptwriting), Andrej Lupinc (author and specialist editor for camerawork, lighting and technical field), Ira Cecić (author and specialist editor for production)
Admission free
The event will take place in Slovenian without translation.

Tuesday, 9 November, after the screening of Monster (starting at 17.30), Linhart Hall
MMC Premiere
After the screening of Hirokazu Koreeda's drama Monster, the RTVS Multimedia Center and its guests will address the issue of peer violence. How to protect a child, it is always reasonable to blindly accept only one side of the story? How to act when the truth is not black and white, and it turns out that we may not truly know our own child?
Live broadcast
Linhart Hall, admission with the ticket for the screening
The event will take place in Slovenian without translation.

Master Workshops
THU, 9 November, at 13.00
Dragan Bjelogrlić
Screenwriter, director, actor and producer Dragan Bjelogrlić will talk about his body of work, which left an indelible imprint on the area of former Yugoslavia and wider European area.
Please register for the workshop by 7 November at info@­

SAT, 11 November, at 14.00
Hanna Slak
After directing several feature films in Slovenian production, the Slovenian director moved to Berlin, where she made the film Not a Word. She will talk about her experience of working abroad.
Please register for the workshop by 9 November at info@­
The number of participants is limited.
In cooperation with the Directors Guild of Slovenian
Lili Novy Hall, admission free

Tuesday, 14 November, at 10.00, E1-E2 Hall
Beyond the Film Poster
Finding a new model of promoting movies in cinemas
This time, cinema managers will be joined by Slovenian producers in discussing effective ways of promoting films on big screens. Since promoting cinema also involves promoting and building film culture, the panel will avoid analysing traditional promotion methods and rather delve into examples of good distribution practices, ways of formulating cinema subscription models, the operation of exhibitor networks in our area, ways of connecting the general film sector and finding practical systemic solutions.
Organised by: Association of Slovenian Film Producers and Slovenian Art Cinema Association
Admission free
The event will take place in Slovenian without translation.

Tuesday, 14 November 2023 (10.00–12.00) Lili Novy Hall
#we_do! Preventing abuse and other forms of discrimination in the film industry
Presentation and talk
Identifying and preventing abuse in the film industry is not easy. The most frequent limiting factors are the fear of negative repercussions or the insufficient knowledge of statutory rights and applicable regulations. Motovila’s event brings into focus an example of good practice – the #we_do! Austrian Consulting Centre – and a discussion on how Slovenia can contribute to creating a more inclusive environment in the film industry.
Dr. Meike Lauggas has been working with the #we_do organisation since its inception. The organisation provides contacts and counselling for filmmakers who have endured abuse of power, discrimination, other abusive practices and labour law violation. As well as organising informative meetings and prevention workshops for film crews, #we_do is developing a protection and safety model applicable to the film industry and adapted to the specific conditions of a film production. The organisation’s long-term goal is to develop structural solutions with a view to improving working conditions in the film industry.
The event is aimed at various profiles of film industry workers.
Applications and further information at
The event will be held in English without translation.

Thursday, 16 November, at 13.00, E1-E2 Hall
Translating Festival Films
Round table
A brief historical overview of translating festival films and a discussion on issues such as the importance of translating films, how a good translation can enrich the film, and a poor translation completely spoil the viewing experience.
With the participation of Nerina T. Kocjančič, Head of Promotion and Distribution at the Slovenian Film Centre (SFC), Maša Peče, Director of the Kurja polt Film Festival, Varja Močnik, film director and film programme selector, and Diana G. Jenko, film translator
Organised by: Association of Slovenian Film and Television Translators
The event will take place in Slovenian without translation.


Liffe Hangout
A place for socializing in Cankarjev dom's Foyer II, with free screenings of old festival movies and film literature throughout the festival. At the festival centre, visitors can enjoy the legendary Liffe snack, Eurosad apples, and browse through old Liffe catalogues.

Kinodvor. Meeting Point.
Join us for a coffee and enjoy the cosy atmosphere before the first screening or long Q&As after the last screening.
Opening hours: Monday through Saturday from 9.00 until midnight, Sunday 10.00–23.00.

9–20 November between 17.00 and 21.30
Parents Go to Liffe, and Their Kids to Mala ulica
Childcare at the Mala ulica Family Centre (Prečna ulica 7, Ljubljana) throughout the festival at the attractive price of EUR 10 during a screening plus additional 60 minutes for children aged between 4 and 9 when presenting a film ticket. 
Applications (contact us at least a day before the respective screening) and information: E [email protected] P 01/306 27 00