Kingfisher Award

International jury award granted by the general sponsor, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., to the best film of the Perspectives section.

The international jury Dragan Rubeša, Jessica Kiang, Damjan Kozole unanimously awarded:



By: Kogonada

Jury statement:

It was a pleasure and an honour to look at the eleven first-and-second films that made up the varied, energetic Perspectives section and through them to discover such different approaches, such different worlds. But while many of them were more direct observations and dramatizations of the social and political issues of the day, the film we most responded to is proof that cinema can be not just a reflection of troubled times, but also a refuge from them. As a beautifully performed, unapologetically intellectual, quietly profound tribute to the consoling and connecting power of art -- in this case architecture -- the jury is delighted to unanimously award the 2017 Kingfisher Prize to COLUMBUS, from director Kogonada.


Kingfisher – Special Menton

Arabia / Araby 

By: João Dumans, Affonso Uchoa

Jury statement:

For its slow, sensitive build to a final act of grave and moving power, and for its honest portrait of the dislocating effects of economic instability on Brazil's casual labourers -- and indeed the workers of the world -- the jury awards a special mention to ARABY, by directors João Dumans and Affonso Uchoa.



Presented by the jury of the International Federation of Film Critics

International jury: Salvatore Marfella, Angelo Mitchievici, Ana Šturm


Muškarci ne plaču / Men Don't Cry

By: Alen Drljević

Jury statement:

Is it possible to recover from war trauma and resolve deeply rooted feelings of hate? Can we rebuild hope and trust in a broken society? These are the questions that echo through this powerful, magnificently scripted and performed film, immersed in a heavy atmosphere of toxic masculinity, discomfort and mistrust.

For its sensitiveness in exploration of the complexity of wounded identities, precision in describing physical and psychological damages of war on people, and its strength in promoting the understanding, compassion and acceptance, the International Critics Jury awards the FIPRESCI Prize to Alen Drljević's debut film Men Don't Cry.



Best Short Film Award

International jury: Daniel Ebner, Hana Jušić, Špela Čadež


Yo no soy de aquí / I'm not from here

By: Maite Alberdi, Giedre Žickyte

Jury statement:

The award for Best Short Film goes to a great film that touched and surprised us on many levels. It's a sensitive portrait of an alienated woman fighting for her independence and identity in a foreign country and at the same time a subtly political documentary about care and nurse service as one of the biggest challenges of an aging society.


Special Mention 1

The Beast

By: Samantha Nell, Michael Wahrmann

Jury statement:

Special Mention goes to a film that presents a reflective, respectful and very refreshing take on post-colonial structures from the perspective of performance workers in a Zulu cultural village:

The Beast

by Samantha Nell and Michael Wahrmann



Special Mention 2

"[...] Craving for Narrative"

By: Max Grau

Jury statement:

Special Mention goes to a long but strong postmodern cinema essay with a lot of humour and cleverness, “[...] CRAVING FOR NARRATIVE” by Max Grau.



Dragon – Audience Award

Selecting from feature films that have not been purchased for Slovenian distribution, the viewers voted for their favourite picture that received the DRAGON Award.

Among the thirty-two contestants, the film with the highest score (4'79) was:


Heartstone / Hjartasteinn  /

By: Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson


Youth Jury Award

Jury: Martin Draksler, Esma Hajdarpašić, Rostja Močnik, Mila Peršin and Jakob Rakovec


Call Me by Your Name

By: Luca Guadagnino

Jury statement:

Members of the Kinotrip Young Jury have seen a selection of five films that raise important questions and address relevant social issues without underestimating their young protagonists and audiences. The film that we found most inspiring was a fervent love story, deeply affecting in its heartfelt sincerity. The director’s poetic and accomplished new spin on this well-trodden genre is refreshing, while at the same time retaining its engaged tone. Universal and timeless, the movie’s haunting themes stay in one’s head for days. The Kinotrip Young Jury Award goes to Call Me By Your Name by Luca Guadagnino.



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