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25th Liffe Awards

The Awards Ceremony takes place on 22 November 2014 at 19.30 in CD’s Linhart Hall.



An award given by international jury and granted by the general sponsor, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., to the best film of the Perspectives section.


Ich seh, Ich seh/ Goodnight Mommy

By: Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala


Jury statement

For the condensed complexity of its storytelling, its refreshingly assertive approach to the critically neglected horror genre, for retaining several ambiguities at once and for its excellent performances – particularly that of Susanne Wuest, who for much of the film must convey so much with so little.


Kingfisher Award international jury

Klemen Dvornik, Michael Pattison, Alexandra Strelková





International jury of the International Federation of Film Critics.



By: Joel Potrykus 


Jury statement

For the breezing portrayal of a creature circling over the remains. 



Ivana Miloš, Miroslav Lánik, Maja Krajnc





Hände zum Himmel/Hands Up to Heaven

By: Ulrike Putzer, Matthias van Baaren


Jury statement

With its piercing, but in no way judgemental portrayal of a cult following, through economic and precise use of cinematic means with a special emphasis on sound, the filmmakers provide us with a glimpse at a happening that is simultaneously hilarious and horrifying and remind us that religion as understood in the widest sense can take many dangerous forms. The award for best short film at the 25th Ljubljana International Film Festival goes to HANDS UP TO HEAVEN by Ulrike Putzer and Matthias van Baaren from Austria.




Kokoška/ The Chicken

By: Una Gunjak


Jury statement

By presenting one of many possible such events from a war on an intimate microscale, the director counterpoints the human qualities with the unforgiving brutality of humanity's worst moments. With inventive and effective use of camera and editing and fully convincing performances of both adult and child actors, this film triggers powerful emotions and reminds us why we are (still) human. A special mention for a short film at the 25th Ljubljana International Film Festival goes to THE CHICKEN by Una Gunjak (Croatia, Germany).


Best short film international jury

Paola Bristot, Matevž Jerman, Vladan Petković


DRAGON Audience Award

 Selecting from feature films that have not been purchased for Slovenian distribution, the viewers voted for their favourite picture that received the DRAGON Award. The DRAGON Audience Award is bestowed by donor Tobačna Ljubljana, d.o.o.


Among the thirty-three contestants the film with the highest score was:
Charlie's Country
By: Rolf De Heer

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